TEDxLausanne is a team of over 20 international and dynamic volunteers. Each volunteer contributes their skills and expertise to organize and produce an independently organized TED event in Lausanne.

Our 2014 team structure is organized into seven categories:

  • Speakers
  • External communication
  • Design
  • Hospitality
  • Operations
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • Support: IT, HR, Internal Communications, Quality & Sustainability

We are looking for highly motivated and passionate people to complete our team for our February 10, 2014 event. If you are interested and available, feel free to send your resume along with relevant credentials. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current job openings

IT specialist

Mission: Provide technical support to the team in its various activities and ensure the proper functioning of all tools used. This includes our wiki page (Drupal), Dropbox, our registration management software (CiviCRM) and our public website (WordPress) and preparing and publishishg HTML newsletters (CiviCRM).

In addition, you play a key role on the day of the event as technical support: live streaming of the conference, timer for speakers, TweetWall during breaks, communication system for the staff, work in collaboration with the facilities technical team who usually handles the room (screen, projector, computer to manage PowerPoint presentations and movies, sound system, supporting the video team with light quality), etc.