TEDxLausanne is a team of over 20 international and dynamic volunteers. Each volunteer contributes their skills and expertise to organize and produce an independently organized TED event in Lausanne.

Our team is organized into seven categories:

  • Speakers
  • External communication
  • Design
  • Hospitality
  • Operations
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • Support: IT, HR, Internal Communications, Quality & Sustainability

We are looking for highly motivated and passionate people to complete our team for our next event. If you are interested and available, feel free to send your resume along with relevant credentials. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current job openings

Performance coordinator

Assignment: You will organize the cultural performance part of the day. You will find artists, musicians, dancers, mimes, etc. and create a programme that is coherent with the spirit of TEDxLausanne. You will organize performances, and on the day of the event, you will be in charge of the artists.

Your profile: You have contacts within the local cultural network. You are creative and have good organizational skills.


Presentation Specialist / Designer

Mission: As the Presentation Specialist you will be responsible for creating visual presentations for our events. We’re looking for a creative candidate who can join our design team and work directly with our speakers to create engaging and impactful presentations.

The Presentation Specialist will primarily work in Powerpoint, but knowledge of Keynote, Prezi and design software is required. In addition, you will play a key technical support role at event rehearsal and on event day through collaboration with the facilities technical team to troubleshoot presentations.


  • Technically proficient in both PC and Mac environments
  • Proficient in Powerpoint with knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote and Prezi
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of presentation technology including aspect ratios, sound and video
  • Demonstrate ability to format, style, and create conceptual and technical graphics
  • Possess ability to successfully incorporate art direction and feedback from multiple sources but also advise on effective presentation flow and content
  • Attend speaker and design team meetings when necessary
  • Proven aptitude for creative thinking with attention to detail
  • Well-developed communication skills in English. French as an asset

Requirements: In additional to your resume and credentials, please send examples of your work or a link to your online portfolio.


Production leader

Mission: working with your production co-leader and technicians from our venue, your task will be to oversee technical support for TEDxLausanne on the day of the event: video, lighting, sound, etc. In preparation for the big event, you will select a skilled production company to film the presentations and work on post-production. Your assignment will begin immediately, but your workload will be heavier in the weeks leading up to the event and on the day of the event itself.

Profile: You have experience working with video and audio, and you have some knowledge of how to work with a budget. You are proactive and able to adapt easily, and you know how to deal with high-pressure situations.


Speaker’s coach

Assignment: You take part to speakers selection and then you will accompany one of the speakers for TEDxLausanne 2015 throughout the preparation of his/her presentation. You will offer advice on the presentation of his/her text as well as any visual aids. Leading up to the event, you will organize rehearsals and offer feedback on how to improve the presentation, ensuring that it will meet TED standards. Your assignment will begin as soon as possible. While there will be little work at the beginning of your assignment, you must be more available during January and February 2015.

Your profile: You have experience giving presentations and are an effective public speaker. You have good coaching skills, and, ideally, have worked with public speakers in the past. You are fluent in English.


Finance & Accounting Specialist

Main purpose of job

  • Safeguard the financial resources of the organization

Key Duties

  • Prepare and control the organization’s annual and event budgets
  • Ensure the prompt payment to suppliers and volunteers
  • Oversee the financial accounting of the organization’s activities
  • Prepare financial statements for each event and consolidate year results
  • Generate ad-hoc financial reports for team leaders and sponsors

Skills and Qualities

  • Experience in similar role
  • Attention to details: ensure accounting duties are performed in line with best practices


Fundraising specialist

Main purpose of job

  • Maximize the generation of funds for TEDxLausanne events while fostering long-term relationship with sponsors and complying with TED fundraising guidelines.

Key Duties

  • Contribute to the creation of the fundraising proposal and execute its implementation
  • Identify and build long term relationships with potential sponsors
  • Develop new strategies to increase contributions ( video… )
  • Distribute sponsorship proposal to the updated list of potential sponsors
  • Make contact with the sponsors and monitor progress
  • Solicit in-kind sponsorship
  • Negotiate with sponsors the conditions of their participation
  • Write reports or prepare presentations to communicate fundraising program results
  • Coordinate transportation or delivery of materials (sponsors’ PLV material)
  • Ensure the implementation of the sponsor terms (see the negotiations)
  • Write and send official communications, including thank you notes, to sponsors
  • Undertake other duties as required to attain fundraising goals

Skills and Qualities

  • Communication skills: writing dynamic funding proposals and inspiring people to commit to the vision of
  • Interpersonal skills: you will be constantly interacting with people, persuading them of the value of your
  • Creativity: finding new ideas to engage sponsors within TED guidelines
  • Resilience and flexibility
  • Fluent in French or English


Hospitality leader

Mission : vous êtes responsable de l’accueil des participants au sens large. Cela englobe la mise en place des locaux de l’événement, la gestion des inscriptions avec notre logiciel en ligne, l’accueil, le vestiaire et la remise des badges, la gestion de la billeterie sur place, le service des collations et l’animation d’acitivités permettant les échanges entre les participants (idea bubbles). Vous collaborez avec l’ensemble de l’équipe organisatrice, les équipes techniques du lieu de l’événement et les fournisseurs que vous aurez sélectionnés.

Profil : vous avez au moins une première expérience dans la logistique d’événement et l’accueil ; vous avez des connaissances dans le catering et être capable d’établir et suivre un budget. Vous êtes doté(e) d’un bon sens de l’organisation et de la planification, travaillez de façon autonome tout en assurant la coordination nécessaire, avez de bonnes compétences de communication et négociation, gérez votre stress dans les moments plus délicats. Vous maîtrisez le français ; l’anglais est un atout.


HR leader

Mission : you guarantee HR processes for a volunteers team, like recruitment, organisation design and teambuildings, workshops and social activities set up.

Profile : management exprience or in HR, if possible in an associative environnment. English and french.