Ready to discover, reflect, debate and act?

TEDxLausanne’s 2015 theme Interface/Interact will take you on an exciting journey into unknown territories, enabling you to connect new points and open up to new horizons.

You, me, us, them…we are more and more connected, through traveling, computers, networks, smart phones and everyday objects… but are we really? As information and knowledge become increasingly and freely accessible how are we bridging the gaps that create conflicts, poverty and pollution? What, how and to whom are we really communicating? What do we gain and what do we lose when we exchange? Who is innovating, and how are they doing it? What happens when interaction is lost and how do we restore it? How do we work together, and what could we do as individuals to make it better?

There is always something to learn from another point of view. Are you ready to go beyond, to stay open?

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